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Starters to choose from: 

Vegetable soup with homebaked bread 

Lobstersoup with arctic char and shrimp served with homebaked bread 

Lightly smoked horse carpaccio with roasted walnuts, goatcheese grains and sesamedressing

Our arctic char smoked and cured, served with bread and dillsauce 

Wild game (cured lamb, reindeer paté and cured whale) served with salad, bread and balsamic-berry sauce


Main courses   

Panfried arctic char with roasted almonds, ptitim, potato terrine and noisette butter

            2course 5,750,- 

            3course 6,650,- 

Fishduo alla chef 

    The freshest fish available on roasted vegetables with fondant potato and beurre blanc. 

        2course 6,050,- 

        3course 6,950,- 

Grilled lamb 

    With Bernaissauce, icelandic barley, roasted vegetables and beetroot pureé,served with baked potatos café de paris. 

        2course 6,050,- 

        3course 6,950,- 

Grilled fillet of lamb 

    With portwine mushrooms, roasted vegetables, smoked potatopureé and peppersauce 

        2course 6,750,- 

        3course 7,650,- 

Seasonal trio of wild game a la chef. 

    Homemade red cabbage, potatos, beetroot pureé and wild mushroom sauce. 

        2course  8,100,- 

        3course 8,950,- 


 Selection of desserts 


Lindin chocolate moussé with rasberry sauce and watermelon topped with white chocolate foam. 

Almond pie with rhubarb and blueberries served with icelandic skyr moussé. 

Skyrdessert with grand mariner cream. 

French chocolate cake with ganache, berries and caramelle chocolate  


The price follows the main course. 

Group menu, minimum 10 persons and if all choose the same menu.  

If there are any allergies we can change the menu accordingly. 



Enqueeries and bookings. or tel. +354 486 1262